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Quality of Life Division takes a holistic approach to providing specialized psychosocial support to enhance the wellbeing of individuals of all age range and level of abilities.

It stands to enrich all individuals within the society through empowerment programs to prevent blunders & maximize the full potential of the thriving individual.

Online Services with Quality of Life Division

Help is available

Depending on what assistance you are seeking out for, help and support is available to without even having to leave the house.

We are accessible by phone calls, text or video calls as an alternative to in-office service.

By choosing what method works best for you, you can get the help you need when you need it, and how you need it.

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Welcome to counselling

Online Services with Quality of Life Division

Depending on what assistance you are seeking out for, help and support is available to without even having to leave the house.

We are accessible by phone calls, text or video calls as an alternative to in-office service.

By choosing what method works best for you, you can get the help you need when you need it, and how you need it.

We provide what

Psychosocial Services

Our goal is to provide customers with the best service, for us to help customers overcome their barriers is a noble task

Provide Mentorship service

We offer mentorship services designed to nurture the growth and expertise of therapists. Our dedicated mentorship program provides a supportive environment.

Provide counselling & psychotherapeutic service

we offer compassionate counseling and psychotherapeutic services to help you navigate life’s challenges, find emotional balance, and achieve personal growth.

Advocate for personal & community wellbeing

we are passionate advocates for both personal and community well-being. We believe that fostering individual resilience and mental health contributes to the strength of our communities as a whole.

Provide empowerment programs to promote personal growth and skills development

We are dedicated to providing empowerment programs designed to promote personal growth and skill development. Our tailored programs are crafted to help you unlock your full potential.

Initiate the implementation of empirical psychosocial programs to promote wellbeing.

We take pride in initiating the implementation of empirical psychosocial programs dedicated to promoting overall well-being. We understand the importance of evidence-based approaches in fostering mental and emotional health.

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why choose us

Benefits Of E-Service

Online therapy/counselling/ – Getting support in a more accessible and immediate way is beneficial to many with tight schedules or lack of access to transportation. Given that we facilitate a variety of psychosocial support sessions.



Within the comfort of your home or device & internet connection, you can have access to the site to lodge a booking or query.


Some people may have trouble or get nervous speaking to a new therapist/ officer face-to-face in a private office or practice. Online therapy/ consultation allows anyone with verbal communication concerns to have an alternative form of communication that makes them feel more comfortable in a specific setting. Whether that means using messaging, live chat sessions, virtual calls, or other types of computerized intervention.


Privacy is an important concern for many when it comes to mental health care/ psychosocial intervention. With online services, there is no risk of bumping into someone you know or having someone see you pull up to the office. This is another benefit of not having to leave the house for a session.


Disabled or elderly persons may find the traveling required to physically come to the office every week to be a barrier to treatment due to their needs. Working with a therapist/ counsellor or mentor online can completely remove the need for typical in-office sessions. An increasing number of people appreciate the features often associated with technology-based services such as messaging, live chat, phone calls, video calls, and text therapy. These modalities allow everyone to find available service provider to work with them through their preferred communication method without any need to leave the home.

Easy And Flexible Scheduling

It can be difficult for traditional therapy to fit into your schedule if you have a busy lifestyle. A person in distress or stressed-out college student who has a job on the side may find it difficult to be present for in-office visits. A parent juggling their kids’ schedules with their own might also find it hard to squeeze in a twenty-minute commute to a therapist/ counsellor or mentor’s office. Online consultation means you can message them any time you’re thinking and not overwhelmed, and see their session availability on a calendar in advance. 

Free, Quality Service

We assure our customers that our services are free.

Professional Team

Our consulting team is experienced, they are trained to listen to you, always listen give you the best advice.

Years Of Experience

With more than 35 years in psychological counseling, we are confident of our capabilities.

Dedicated Support

We always support you anytime you need our help, so remember at any time, please feel free to contact us.

Messaging Therapy

Sending a message to your therapist/ counsellor/ mentor allows you to take your time and write more which in turn allows the officer to formulate a more detailed response. It is also helpful if you want to note something you’d like to discuss in your next live session.

Live Chat Therapy/Counselling/ Consultation

Live chat is similar to messaging, except you will receive live responses throughout the duration of your session. This is a great option if you need to take your psychotherapy/consultation session someplace that isn’t private, or if you are shy about speaking through phone or video.

Video Therapy/Counselling/ Consultation

Video therapy is ideal if you want an experience that is comparable to seeing a therapist/ counsellor or metor in person. You will be able to see each other’s body language and hear each other’s tone of voice. We recommend this type of session over others as it provides the most impactful connection and results.